Sex – Is It Overrated?

Sex – Is It Overrated?

Sex is a huge part of life and that might sounds like an obvious comment to make but the question today is; “is it overrated?”

Sex as a Science

Well let’s start by covering the biological reason for having sexual intercourse. Without it, the world would soon come to an end if we stopped reproducing. That’s a scary thought, albeit slightly far-fetched i admit. It’s really quite an incredible thing that an action performed between a man and a woman can produce a baby nine months later. Now that’s a pretty amazing fact and not a bad reason to have sex if you’re looking to start a family of your own.

Perhaps that doesn’t really answer whether sex is overrated in the way you were expecting but it’s certainly worth a mention and important not to forget. At the end of the day, this is prime reason for having sex, is it not? Maybe that’s not right and we’ve been brainwashed in to thinking that.

The unnecessary pressures of sex in relationships

I sometimes think that there’s too much emphasis put on needing to have sex consistently in a relationship. Yes, it has it’s health benefits and is great for maintaining a good partnership between a couple but I believe that there can often be unnecessary stress put upon a man or a woman to either get in to bed with their other half and then performing well. Maybe this stress is a personal factor that the individual puts on their own shoulders. Either way, it shouldn’t be overthought. There should always be a relaxed approach to both talking about sex as well as the physicality of it.

We possibly watch too many films and read too many books where we see these incredible sex scenes which are mind blowing and passionate beyond belief. But we forget that this isn’t the reality the majority of times we have sex. At least not for most of us! So I guess we are rating it too highly from the start, expecting more than we get because of this myth that we have been brought up seeing on TV.

Sometimes it will be great, other times it will be “blah” and it will be the best experience you’ve ever had. Having an orgasm for a man or a woman is great and should be enjoyed regardless of how the sex itself is. Or on the other hand, if you don’t have an orgasm afterwards then it’s not the end of the world. It happens. What people need to do is understand themselves and accept that sometimes this will happen. It doesn’t mean your relationship is on the rocks.

Bored? Have some fun

Maybe you’ve become fed up of the same old sex and that’s why you think it’s overrated. Have you experimented though?

There’s so much you can do. Try some different positions to spice things up a bit, purchase some toys if you’re feeling up for it or even some role play.

Also, make sure you talk to each other if you’re in a relationship. Say what you want because if you don’t ask you don’t get and I’m sure your partner would appreciate a little guidance if it helps pleasure you.

Over to you. Is sex overrated

Is sex overrated?

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