Senior dating guide – How to approach dating as a senior

Senior dating guide – How to approach dating as a senior

As we all know, dating is well and truly alive for over 40’s. In fact, even over 60’s because there’s no reason we can’t. Romance never disappears from our lives regardless of our age and that will always remain a fact.

The most common way for seniors to seek love is now through online dating simply because of the ease of it. Second to that it allows us to find love from the comfort of our own homes. However, sooner or later if Cupid strikes online, there will be an opportunity to meet that person in real life on a first date.

Below is a guide on how seniors should approach dating and in particular that all important first date (again).

Forget your past

Concentrate on the present and forget about your past whether it was great or not so great. You may have bags of experience and plenty of stories but save any drama from your past until you get to know your date better.

When dating it’s a great excuse to talk about your current situation; current hobbies, interests and any other things you have going on at this moment in time. This is much better than dwelling on the things you used to do but perhaps can’t anymore for whatever reason. It will portray you in a positive light.

What’s also of huge importance is to be yourself when dating. Who you are today as a senior may be different to what you were when you were younger but rather than falsely attempt to be that person still it’s much better just to relax and show your date who you are now. You want them to like you for you are today.

First date planning

You may naturally overthink what to do on a first date but in reality you shouldn’t put in too much effort. The first date is primarily about getting to know the person you’re meeting with.

Instead of worrying about where to go and what to do, your focus should be on having fun, getting to know the person and just taking everything as it comes.

I would suggest grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant or a drink at a local bar. Somewhere you can have a casual chat. If the chemistry is there between you, it will show regardless of where or what you’re doing.

You can save all the other spontaneous, special dates for further down the line.

Look after yourself when dating

By this I mean look after your appearance and well being. This goes for all ages younger and older but there’s no reason to give up grooming and taking pride in appearance as we get older.

Having a hair cut, buying new clothes, staying in shape are all important habits to keep in life in general but even more so when involved in the dating world.

It’s crucial to make an effort on a first date so make sure you’ve done your best to make a good impression on whoever you might be meeting. Although not everything should be judged on a first impression, we are all guilty of being too judgmental at times so give your date no excuse to mark you down by turning up and not looking the part.

Ladies, do your nails. Men, polish your shoes. This in turn will boost your confidence and make you feel even more attractive.


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