Christmas Markets : The Perfect Date

Christmas Markets : The Perfect Date

Is it your first Christmas with your new girlfriend or boyfriend? Or perhaps you’ve been together for a while. Either way it doesn’t really matter, Christmas markets are always great and full of food, drink fun and good vibes.

So if you’ve got a few remaining days off work yet to take before the year ends then why not take a visit to a local Xmas market that’s bound to be in your area. For those that are based near London, a fantastic one to visit is Winter Wonderland, situated in Hyde Park. I highly recommend it.Christmas market

Food & Drink

A huge part of Christmas is stuffing our faces with great food and drinking ourselves merrily (but sensibly), isn’t it?

There are general markets all year round which always have wonderful food options but these Christmas markets are themed specifically for the Winter season and truly gets you in to the festive spirit.

Savory options such as German sausages in the Bavarian markets, to sweet stalls selling crepes and churros to indulge on.

While the weather is freezing and you’re all wrapped up, whilst you’re not holding each others hands, you can keep your hands warm holding a nice warm glass of mulled wine. Or if you’re not a fan of wine then mulled cider is just as popular these days.

Fun & Games

You can let your inner child out and feel young again with all the entertainment a lot of Christmas markets have to offer. Depending on the size of the market, some have ice rinks, rides, game stalls and all sorts to keep you amused and occupied. Ice skating in particular is a great activity for couples, encouraging you to romantically hold hands whilst gliding across the ice (or holding on for dear life).

There might even be some live music or a production to watch for those of you who prefer to sit back and observe.

Christmas Gifts

After you’ve exhausted yourself from all the eating, drinking and entertainment you can buy some last minute Christmas gifts. There might be some stalls selling all sorts of different things, such as jewellery, clothes, arts & crafts and who knows what else. Treat your other half to a spontaneous gift while you’re there. Or if you’re living together, buy some decorations for the home.

There really is a whole lot of fun to be had all in one place. To be honest, even if you’re single you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

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